Thursday, May 16, 2013

Vi ses, København!

Well, here's my last post in Denmark before I leave! The last month here has been a blur, and I can't believe it's time for me to go home yet. Thanks, loyal blog readers, for keeping up with everything I've done here! Here's an assorted list of things that I've been up to the last few weeks!


Tivoli is Copenhagen's number one tourist attraction, and I can now see why! Tivoli is the second oldest amusement park in the world (Denmark has the oldest one, too), and it's a classy cross between Willy Wonka and Dr. Suess. It really feels like you're in another world there, and I wish my pictures could do it justice! 

The first day I went to Tivoli (I've been quite a few times since because it's so amazing!), they had a Danish Elvis impersonator. It threw me off a bit because he would sing in English and sound like Elvis, then speak in Danish in between songs. A bit of an odd mix. He was a great singer though! My last time there, Matt and I braved the Dæmon, the giant roller coaster there, which was a ton of fun! Lots of loops and turns, so I couldn't walk straight for a while afterwards. 

Tivoli also has gorgeous gardens with some of the strangest and most beautiful flowers I've ever seen. They really do look like something straight out of a Dr. Seuss book!

May Day!

May 1st is Worker's Day where people get the day off and go to Fælledparken and hear music and speeches from politicians. Of course, no one really pays attention to the speeches and just enjoys having the day off in the sun, which was finally out for once! It was the first day I was able to take my jacket off in Copenhagen! 


I sailed a Viking ship with my Nordic Mythology class in Roskilde on May 4 (may the force be with you), which was more of an adventure than I was expecting! We only had small boats, which was probably good because those were hard enough to row! I have a new respect for Vikings now. 

We rowed out of the harbor and then switched to sailing, which was nice and easy...until the sail broke and fell on me. Thankfully, the mast missed me! We were pretty far out at this point, so it was harder to row against the waves. 

We barely made any progress in the 30 or so minutes that we were rowing, but thankfully a tug boat came and rescued us, like what would have happened in real Viking times. 

Church of Our Savior

I made the climb (over 400 steps) to the top of the Church of Our Savior tower and survived! It was a beautiful day, and the view was gorgeous! It was also terribly windy, so it was impossible to get a picture without my hair in my face. 

F.C. København

Matt's host brother got free tickets to an F.C. København game because some of the players visited his class, so I got to tag along! The game was really fun, but F.C. København lost 2-0. They have a section of fans behind one of the goals that reminded me a lot of Duke's Cameron Crazies. They chanted, sang, and jumped in unison the ENTIRE time! Other than that, all of the fans were pretty much silent unless something exciting happened. Quite a different experience from games in the U.S.! 

Most of this last week has been spent studying for exams and finishing up final projects, so I didn't do as many exciting things as usual. 

I've grown to love living in Copenhagen (especially since it's warmed up!), and I'm going to miss it! I've had a fantastic semester here and made many new friends, seen so many amazing places, walked so many miles that only duct tape and super glue are holding my Converses together, and made more memories than the 3,000 pictures I've taken can show! Vi ses, København, I'll be back! :)


  1. Love you! So happy that you had the time of your life! ;) See you tomorrow! OXOXOX

    Love, Mom

  2. Can't wait to see you!!!!! :)

  3. Wow you have definitely been very busy! Sounds like you are having a great time! Love the photos :)